Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Quick and Easy DIY St. Patrick's Day Decor

Hello everyone!  Hope you all are having a good week so far!  I am finally getting around to sharing some St. Patrick's day printables and other decorations that I have made.  They are all super easy most can be done with stuff you may already have left over from other crafts.

I love holidays.  They are so fun.  I love changing things around and decorating for each season.  I've slowly been collecting/making new decorations for each holiday, because I came to the realization last year, that I didn't have anything!  And St. Patrick's day was no exception.  I had nothing!  So I did some digging through my bins of crafty stuff created a couple things on the computer and here's what I came up with.

Hey hey! Remember this monogram letter?  It's the same one I used for valentines day!  I just unwrapped all the red fabric.  For St. Patrick's day, I wanted to make it green, of course.  So I started wrapping it with some scraps of the green fabric I had left (you can see it in the mirror too) but it wasn't quite enough so I pulled out a scrap of plain green fabric I had and I cut pieces of the solid green to fill in the holes that the polkadot patterned fabric couldn't stretch to.  I had to tie the patterned fabric strips together, but since it was already looking patchy with the solid green showing through I just let the knots hang out on the front or wherever they were!  When I was done it just didn't seem finished...  I happened to have a big bag of random ribbon strips that I got for dirt cheap at a fabric store way back when, so I dug through that and I found this gold ribbon that I wrapped around the R.  I feel like it finished it.  I also found a short strip of the gold ribbon that you see around the lip of the jar with the flowers I use throughout the year.  I think it adds a nice little pop of gold to the jar! =)

This little frame is another one I found at Michaels in their $2 bins. This little four leaf clover thing was serisouly so easy.  I didn't have any green paper so I just painted some paper green, but you can do this with colored paper if you have it.  I wanted it to be 3D, so I cut out a square just big enough to sit in front of the glass (its actually plastic that doesn't come out) and then I cut out four hearts all the same size.  I trimmed them down till they were the right size to fit inside the square nicely, arranged them in a four leaf clover shape, and glued one side of the heart to the paper (same side on each heart so they all opened in the same direction).  And it was that simple.

Printables!  Yay!  The first is a song that I grew up hearing my mom singing around this time of year.  I needed something to put in my landscape frame in my kitchen, so that is what you see here, but I also made one up in portrait orientation.  Second is one that sits in our family room.  Maybe it's a little cheesey, but I feel so lucky to have my husband and my son.  They are my rainbow on a cloudy day AND the pot of gold at the end!  ;) This one is a 4.x6 but I also made up one that is a 8x10.


To download PDF of 4x6 version CLICK HERE
To download PDF of 8x10 version CLICK HERE

To download PDF of landscape orientation CLICK HERE
To download PDF of portrait orientation CLICK HERE

Last thing I will share is the chalk board:

Haha look familiar?  ;)  Same one from Halloween and Valentines. I wanted to draw some sort of Celtic looking design so I did a Google search for Celtic knots to see different patterns.  I found an image on some fridge magnets that loved and decided to do something similar to it on my chalkboard.  There are all sorts of different looking Irish designs that are super fun, see what you can find and try it out!  The knots kind of messed with my eyes after a while but it was fun to do. =)

Well I hope that that gave you some ideas for your St. Patrick's day decorations!

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