Saturday, March 15, 2014

Monsters Inc Baby Shower

Last week I had the fun chance to throw a baby shower for my good friend Emily who is due in a few weeks with her first baby! She's so cute.  I love her. =)  She is decorating her baby boy's room in a monster theme, so I decided to go with that theme and we had a monster/monsters inc shower.   I have to say that it was soo much fun to plan, design, and put together.  

I, of course, being crazy and scatter brained forgot on the day-of to bring my camera to take pictures, so a BIG thank you goes out to my sweet friend Carrie (from thirtyfiveninetyfive) for the pictures she snapped for me!  For my baby shower that my awesome SIL's threw for me last year, we had breakfast food served, and since Emily's shower was going to be in the morning, we pretty much used all the same recipes again!

Don't you love the monster cupcake/muffin stand?!  It turned out so much cuter than I had hoped!  The teeth and eyeballs are just made of cardstock and glued to the edges.  The stand itself is three square boards wrapped in lime wrapping paper on a glass cake stand with glass jars in between filled with blue sizzle paper.  I used green eyelash yarn to finish it off.

These two muffin recipes are awesome!  We followed my SIL's instructions here:

My Silhouette machine made a lot of these decorations so easy.  I designed these little Mike and Sully silhouettes that I cut out of different colored/patterned papers.  I also found a free font that looks like the one from Monster's Inc.  

I also used my machine to cut out the letters for Oliver's name above the table and more silhouettes and circles to make a garland around the sides.

For this cinnamon roll cake we used the adapted recipe from

This french toast casserole recipe is a Pioneer Woman recipe and the directions I followed were from

This casserole is a family recipe of mine, and a favorite! 
 I will be sharing this recipe next week so make sure to check on Tuesday! =)

These were the invitations I made.  Walmart makes amazing prints... cough... so of course they printed up looking exactly like this... NOT.  They were still ok but just not what I was expecting.  (Haha I can say that calmly now, but at the time it was the end of the world. ;))

Well I hope that you liked some of the ideas that I had and that it maybe gave you some ideas if you are planning a Monsters Inc. shower or party for someone you know!

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mark lawrence said...

So wonderful Monsters Inc Baby Shower and I am just in love with the d├ęcor. I also threw a stunning star wars themed baby shower that was hosted at one of the LA event venues. We had the shower catered and all of the food served was super tasty.