Friday, April 4, 2014

Egg Carton Spring Flowers

I don't know about you, but I am so excited for Spring! Of course here in Arizona we just skip straight to summer and start having 93 degree weather now.  But am so excited about Easter this year.  I love all the bright colorful flowers and springy decorations.  And even though Ammon is only going to be 10 months old... I'm still excited to do a little egg hunt with him.

Yet again, as I was taking down all my St. Patrick's day stuff and going to get out my Easter decorations, I realized that I didn't have any!  So I got into crafting mode.  We had just bought some eggs from Costco in their big cardboard flats, and I that was my inspiration.  I wanted something bright and possibly with some flowers so I got the idea to make some egg carton flowers like I've seen on Pinterest.  I looked it up and there are a TON of different types you can do, so I just kind of did my own thing.

Egg Carton Flower Directions:

1. Cut out the egg cups and the small pieces in between that separate the cups

2. I made 8 cuts for 8 petals.  I rounded the edges on the petals, sounds tedious, but it went pretty fast

3. PAINT!  Whatever colors you want!  I made the bottom petals a darker purple, the middle a lighter purple, and the center a yellow. I brushed some darker yellow in the middle as well to give it a bit more dimension.  How I did this, was just paint the bottom of the cup with the darker yellow, and then rinse my brush.  Then with just water in the brush, I pulled the paint out from the center towards the petals edges. Don't pull too much paint up the sides though because you want to see the ombre effect with the dark yellow fading into the light. =)

4. GLUE!  I just used a hot glue gun to glue the layers together.  Then I put a glob of glue in the center and stuck in some gold seed beads I had on hand.  It looked cute before but I really think it finished it off!

I used these for a banner that I will be sharing with you TOMORROW! =)  Hope you like them, there are so many things you could use these in.

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This article is absolutely the best I've seen yet and I do a lot of crafting?