Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pink and Gold Polkadot Easter Wreath

This wreath is one of those things that just kind of took form.  I didn't really have a vision for it.  I already had the foam wreath and I knew I wanted to wrap it somehow and make it pretty for Easter.  I went to Hobby Lobby and I found this thick canvasy type ribbon with gold polka dots on it that I fell in love with.  However, Hobby Lobby has a million cute things and they also had this same type of ribbon but with gold chevron... and they had burlap ribbon with colored patterns...  So many cute things!  I changed my mind a million times and walked back multiple times to grab something different but kept coming back to this gold polka dot one. 

 Here's how I made it:

First I wrapped my foam wreath with the gold polka dot ribbon securing it with a dot or two of hot glue here and there.  Then I glued on my gold beaded "ribbon".  What I used was not actually ribbon.  I had an old scarf/shoulder wrap thing from a high school that I sacrificed to the wreath.  I cut off the beaded edge which gave me a "ribbon" that was about an inch and a half in width.  I just wrapped the second ribbon around the edges of the polka dot one to hide the seams.

I did see some sequined, beaded, and glittery gold trimmings and ribbons at both Michaels and Hobby Lobby that were similar to my makeshift beaded ribbon.

This part I suppose is optional as you can't really see this step in my end result too much, but I could have added more or made these little puffs bigger.  But I'll show you how I did it in case you like it and want to do more!  I cut up squares of the organza (about 2" big) and layered 2-3 squares criss-crossed on top of each other.  I put a dot of glue in the center then folded it in half (hot dog style) then in half again (hamburger style)  The organza was a thin enough material that the glue seeped through all the layers and I only needed the one little dot. Careful though... don't burn yourself when you're folding it and holding closed!  Make as many as you like.  I didn't make a lot of them, just enough to make a little poof on the spot I wanted to put my flowers.

Next was the flowers!  I found these pretty pink flowers at Michaels for suuuper cheap!  I just pulled them off the stem and put a big glob of glue around the base.  Then I nestled it in the poofy part.  I pointed them all in slightly different directions so that they weren't all just sticking straight out.  I only used four, but you could put as many on as you like.

Hope you enjoy! =)  Gook luck making your own!

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