Saturday, April 5, 2014

Burlap and Egg Carton Flowers Banner

Later post today, but I totally forgot to take General conference into consideration.  I love all the messages that we hear from them.  I had several young women over for the morning session and when Elder Holland got up for the first full talk one of them literally cheered out loud!  Haha I think they were excited to hear from him.  And it was wonderful to hear President Monson talk about the Cultural Celebration that they participated in.

Anyways here is the banner that I promised I would share.  It was really easy to make, and I love how colorful it is.  I had a bunch of scrap papers and burlap left over from different projects so I stared putting things together and this was what I came up with.  I really like how it turned out.  And you can use any colors that you like.  (Haha and don't pay attention to the stuff on top of the shelf! It's not finished)

Here's how I put it together, it was so hard. ;) 

 You can use your own pattern if you already have one or don't like the shape I used, but 
drawing of the shape and sizes I did.

1. Cut your first shape out of cardstock for the bottom layer
2.  Cut your 2nd slightly smaller shape out of burlap and glue to the piece you just cut out.
3. Cut your 3rd and smallest shape out of a different cardstock and glue to the burlap
4. I drew my letters for the banner I made, but you can find a font that you like and cut out then trace onto the cardstock from the bottom layer.  Cut those out and glue on top of all three layers.
5.  Use a hole punch and put two holes on either side of the shape and thread whatever ribbon, string, jute or yarn that you like through the holes.  
(I have about 10 miles worth of jewelry hemp left over from jr high when the pooka shell necklaces were so popular, and I just braided several strands together.)
6.  I hot glued the flowers from yesterday's post right onto the rope.  I left about an inch and a half to two inch gap between each shape and glued the flowers in between.

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