Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cupid Wings Tutorial

Happy beginning to February!  I am so excited about this tutorial!  I had an idea a while back to give Ammon's grandmas a valentine picture of him with him all dressed up as a cupid.  So naturally to get inspiration, I went to Pinterest knowing that I could not have been the first person to think of this.  Someone else out there had to have already dressed up their baby and taken pictures to show all their kid's friends and future spouse one day. ;)  And I did find a few things, but I ended up just making up my own.  And I think that they turned out pretty dang cute!  (or that could just be him =))  I thought that they were super easy to make, and they were extremely cheap to make too! 

Ooooo!!!  I want to eat him! =)

What You'll Need:
- Cardboard
- Feathers (I got a cheap bag at Michaels for $2, and that bag covered the wings)
- Hot glue gun
- ribbon
-elastic (optional, but it REALLY helps to get them on)
- fabric (I guess this is optional too but I wanted to make it more comfy for him)
- white tissue paper (again, optional)

How To Do It:

1.  I used a baby wipes box.  I unfolded it and laid him down on top of it to eyeball how big I wanted the wings to be and then just free handed the shape that I wanted.  As you can see, he wanted to help.  And by help, I mean chew on the box. ;) 

I cut out the first wing I drew and used it to trace the other one.  I made sure to flip it over so that I would have the mirror image for the other side. 

Then I spaced them how far apart they needed to be to fit his back.

 I cut out a piece of cardboard big enough to span the distance between the two wings to hold them together

I did the same thing for both sides so that the middle would be very reinforced so that they wouldn't bend when he wiggled around. (cuz he does that)

I suppose this is optional, but I covered mine in white tissue paper, because I had some on hand, and I didn't want the brown of the cardboard to show through the feathers.  If you had white paint I'm sure this would work just fine too, or even just white copy paper.  
Then I just started gluing the feathers on.  At the bottom of the wing tip I let the feathers stick over the edge a bit to give it a little bit more... "wing" look.  I only did one side, because the backside wouldn't be seen.

After I was done gluing all the feathers on, I chose to glue a little strip of fabric between the wings.  Just because I didn't want them too be too uncomfortable on his skin.

Then I glued on the ribbon straps.  I had a little elastic on hand as well so I used a bit of that where they connected so that you couldn't see it when on, and so that they would have a little bit of stretch to get them on his back.

So I put them on and started taking pictures.  In hind sight, I probably should have taken them AFTER nap time, because I started a little too close to when he should go down, and this was the result by the end of our little photo session!
Haha I just had to share it.

But I plan on taking more pictures of him when he is actually smiling, so I will share those when I get them.  I did make a little arrow for him to hold, but I made it out of one of those glitter heart skewer things you can find at the dollar store, and when I put it anywhere near him he just grabbed it and stuck it straight in his mouth.  I decided that I didn't want him eating all that styrophoam and glitter so we didn't use it.

This was a really fun project and a fun tutorial to put together.  I hope you liked it! =)


Carol said...

Too cute! Thanks for the tutorial. I'd like to make a set of wings too.

Karlie Ritchey said...

I'm glad that you like them! =)