Friday, February 14, 2014

LAST MINUTE! Valentines Day Printable

Oh my goodness... I have been so bad at sharing things the past few weeks...  this is how I've been feeling:

Haha not to say that I haven't done anything for valentines day, I just haven't  posted anything.  Ammon is just so much fun, I get distracted by him and his adorableness.  Plus I just haven't been able to think of much that I could share with you that isn't already plastered all over Pinterest.  =)  I'll be better, I promise.  I have been coming up with some good posts, with some yummy recipes so watch out for those.
I love Valentines Day.  I always used to say that it was MY holiday because my maiden name was was Hart. =)  But now I'm married it just great to have an awesome hubby to spend it with.  
For Valentines day, I did make a printable banner... but I was slightly frustrated at it and embarrassed about sharing it because of the fact that it didn't print out as bright as it looked on the computer... a problem I'm still trying to work through.  But here is a picture of it:  

Sorry the pictures aren't very good...  My living room has the WORST lighting.

It's still cute even if it is a little darker than I was expecting.
I know it's a little late in the game, but hey.  If you like this banner and would use it next year, or just want to throw up something for the day,
HERE is the PDF link.
After I cut out these printable triangles, I also cut out 6 more triangles that were just slightly bigger than these so that I could have a border around the edge, and so that they would be a little thicker.  I wanted the edges black, but if you're like me and don't have any black cardstock and don't want to go out and buy some, you can take a sharpie to the edges like I did.  I just colored the edges that would show on the big triangles before I glued the patterned triangles on.

Here was the mantel I put together for this month.  This mantel was super super cheap and a lot of these things I could reuse.
1.  This is a mirror I made out of an old hideous picture frame I found at Goodwill.  I will do a tutorial on that later because it was a lot of fun and I it's customizeable.  I had blue letters in there before but I changed them out for some red.
2. This was the chalkboard I made at Halloween.  I just found a font I liked, typed up the saying I wanted  and tried my best to copy it free hand... how did I do??
3.  These glitter ball filler things are from Christmas!  I just pulled out the green and blue.  (I also used these for new years and used only the blue and silver!)  There wasn't quite enough to fill the whole thing so I stuck a mini jam jar down in the middle and filled it around it to make it look fuller.
4.  The heart picks in the jar are from the Dollar Tree!  One dollar! YAY FOR CHEAP!!!
5.  This monogram "R" I made out of a cereal box!  I'll do a tutorial for it too because I plan on using it again.  I was going to finish paper mache'-ing it and paint it and make it look all cute... but it has been hiding in my closet 1/2 paper mache'd with me not wanting to finish it because I didn't want to do the mess again.  So I found an alternative!  I just wrapped it in fabric!
6.  The two decorative mini frames and the birdcage and little ceramic bird were all in the $2 bins at Michaels.  (They are still there!)  I thought they were so cute, and you can bet you will see them again.

Here is another fun craft I did to spice up my kitchen.  You can also see the bottom part of the heart felt garland I made... but no matter how I tried, it can't get a good picture of it.  My mom and I saw both of these crafts on pinterest and decided to do these these together.  They turned out great!
Hanging Hearts idea from HERE
Felt Heart Garland tutorial HERE
(we did ours in red and pink felt though)

Finally I just had this picture frame sitting on the counter with this adorable love bird salt and pepper shaker set I got from my grandma.  I love them!

Well...  there is my very last minute valentines day post.  I hope that you all have a great Valentines Day! =)

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