Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kitchen Chalkboard Printables - EDITED!

Table Setting Printable has been edited!

So here is my first attempt at making a chalkboard printable!  It was an adventure trying to make it look right... How did I do?  I have an empty frame in my kitchen where I used to have the Elf Four Food Groups Pyramid during Christmas time.  But it has been several weeks since Christmas now, and it has been empty since December 26th, so I decided it was finally time to get something in it.  And of course when I started thinking about it I came up with more than one idea, so I'll just share all of them.

I got the idea for the quote on this first one from good ol' Pinterest.  No picky eaters!

 Download PDF copy HERE

 This second one, is a quote that my husband always said when we first got married and I was first learning how to cook!  Haha he is the sweetest, and every time I over cooked something he would say, "It's ok!  Burnt is my favorite flavor!"  I knew it was a lie, but it always made me laugh and I was smiling instead of crying as we drove to Wendy's down the street. =)  I thought it was a good saying that any husband could use.

 Download PDF copy HERE

Third.  My grandma loved making a table look nice, and knew all about the correct ways to set a table.  This skill, she passed on to my mom, who in turn, taught her kids how to set a table.  I know it may seem like a silly thing to some, but I feel like it is good knowledge to have, and I plan on teaching my kids how to set a table the right way.  So I made up a little guide for a more typical dinner table. (just the basics)  Ammon is too young to use it yet, but I thought this might make a good visual for kids to refer to when setting the table.

You know... I'm so grateful that there are mothers!  Haha my mom, who taught me how to properly set a table, called me a couple days after posting this, and she pointed out to me, that the knife was pointing in the wrong direction! =)  That's embarrassing!  I failed to notice that the knife grafic was flipped before I posted this!  I promise I know how it is really supposed to be.  So I fixed it!  THANKS MOM!!!

Here is the corrected printable:

 Download PDF copy HERE

Sorry I don't have pictures of one in the frame, but we ran out of ink.  And I am prolonging the pain of buying more! =)  But let me know if you think there is something that I could do to make these printables look more like chalkboards!  As I said, this was my first try so any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Enjoy! =)