Saturday, October 18, 2014

Witch Party

I love Halloween!  I think that I get it from my mom because she does too.  I just helped her throw a little party for some family friends, and it turned out so cute!  Basically we had fun decorations, and a ton of yummy food, so what more could you ask for??  So here are some pictures of our Witch Party.  Hopefully you can get some fun ideas for any Halloween parties you may be throwing yourself!

(I took these with my parents camera, and I'm not familiar with it so sorry if some of these are a little blurry.)

We started with some appetizers and hot apple cider, which I will share the recipe for later because it was sooo good!   

This was just peppers and ranch dip that we made to look like a cauldron by layering pretzel rods  and bell peppers cut to look like flames around a bread loaf we hollowed out and filled with ranch. We finished it off by adding the big pretzel rod stirring stick to the "pot."

This was our seven layer dip.  We got the idea here but we kind of did our own thing.  We made the spider web out of sour cream by just putting it in a bag, cutting a hole in the corner and piping it on.

These are just plain deviled eggs that we added black olive spiders to.  We cut the olives in half for the body, and then just sliced up the halves thinly to create legs for them.

I thought this was super clever of my mom.  She made this little sign for the jar of Bugles - I mean witch fingernails. ;)

This witch and cat has been around our home this time of year for as long as I can remember.  I just wanted to show how talented my mom is.  She painted these forever ago and they have always been one of my favorite decorations of hers.

These were little Oreo, pretzel frogs that we got the idea for here.  These were by the front door for for when people left, with a sign (that you can't read, sorry) that said "Don't Forget Your Toad".

These were another favor we had.  They were just little cauldron nut cups that we filled with sour apple cotton candy to look like smoke and topped off with a chocolate peanut butter eyeball.

These were little name cards that we typed up for everyone who came.  They each had to go an find their name and take it with them to their seat for dinner. 
We got the printable here.

And here was the awesome table that my mom put together

She cleverly made the napkin rings out of just some tulle tied around the napkins with a glittery plastic spider stuck on.

The pictures just don't do it justice, it was AMAZING!

For dinner we had a copycat recipe of Cafe Zupas Tomato Basil Soup with some acini di pepe pasta they could add for the "Toads Eye Soup."
(Sorry the pictures of the food are not very good.)

We also served some chicken salad "Sand-Witches".  I think the witch leg picks my mom found are so adorable

I carved the vomiting witch for the fruit salad.  I have never artistically carved a watermelon before so it was a lot of fun to try.  I just picked one on Pinterest we liked and tried to make her look like that.  We finished her off with the witches hat headband.

I don't have the recipe from my mom, but this was a pumpkin pie cheesecake!  It tasted sooo good.
Please don't judge the piping of the spiderweb that I did.. my mom may decorate cakes like a pro but I am still not good at it and it was hard to lean over my pregnant belly and the counter to do it. Haha! 

The party was a lot of fun and it was good so see some of our friends that we haven't seen in a while.  Like my friend and her mom.  She is pregnant too and due just a few weeks after me.  
I'm having another boy and she is having a little girl.  Had to get a picture of our bellies together!

Anyways, hope that you got some fun ideas!  Go plan your own Halloween party!

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Hillary Rogers said...

Everything was so cute and creative! You guys are awesome! :-)